September 29, 2021
Ask Deepak

Personal Creation.


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Deepak, would you kindly illuminate an aspect of personal creation you so eloquently describe in your body of work, yet I seem to fail to reconcile 50% of the time. I understand the “divine discontent” propels “creative impulse”, thus the evolution of consciousness. The creative impulse is the flowering of “desire” (forgive me if I seemingly filter your material in a chaotic, amateurish way, given the limited space here). Therefore “Desire” (or the impulse thereof – “Intent”) fuels ALL creation. One school of thought suggests: if you don’t “desire” with the intensity a drowning man seeks air, then it’s futile. Another school of thought points to (which is where your wisdom comes in): enter – “The Law of Least Effort” and most importantly, “The Law of Detachment”, thus my self-created conflict and actual (long-winded)question: would you please elaborate on this “divine dichotomy”, where the instant I apply the Law of Detachment and ground myself in the “Wisdom of Uncertainty”, it overrides and dissipates the original impulse of my desire, by dulling its intensity, thus producing spectacular results only half the time and exact opposite effect the rest of the time, depending on how I “walk” that fine line of wanting, but not “caring”, as if, or “not minding what happens”. I have been fine-tuning the process by trial-and-error, as I find very few and brief descriptions in any spiritual material, such as the “detached involvement” you briefly mention. I understand here is hardly the place for long elaborations, but even a few words from you, on that level of understanding, can carry volumes of information for those of us who fervently study your work through the years. Thank you kindly. Aloha from Hawaii.


Pure creativity is a synthesis of maintaining an intention in the state of nonlocal awareness that still allows the movement of that intention to transform. In Patanjali’s philosophy of Yoga, he calls the union of these three elements samyama. The desire component is the nature of life to grow, express itself, to play. It may have intensity at times, but that is not a necessary aspect to a desire successfully manifesting, and in many cases, that intensity will overshadow awareness so that wholeness is lost and thereby actually prevent the manifestation of the desire. Not being overshadowed by the intention or desire is the law of detachment.

The story you refer to about desiring with the intensity of a drowning man does not refer to personal creation. I’ve always heard the story as a way of explaining the focus required to overcome the obstacles and distractions on the path to enlightenment. Unless one seeks spiritual liberation with the same focus as a drowning man gasping for breath, one will not break through to enlightenment.



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