November 3, 2013

Perfection of God.


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The correlation between ancient eastern philosophy and physics continues to amaze me. I understand and know to be true how everything is a continuum of energy and how the material universe continuously collapses from a field of potentiality. My question is this if we are all one, if we are all God, or shards of God experiencing physicality does this not mean that God is imperfect? How is it that we who are from god are capable of the evil acts that we commit against each other? Does this not mean that god is also evil at some level? Also if God is perfect, complete, at peace why the need to experience physicality at all? Is it an attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff or to reproduce perhaps? Whatever the case does this hierarchy of consciousness not mean that we are individual entities separate from the continuum? I don't understand how we can be both all one and all individuals simultaneously.


The dynamic continuum of energy in creation reflects the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness underlies the force of evolution toward self-realization. This movement of awakening is not imperfect or lacking in any way, because the reality of life remains unity. The sense of separation, imperfection, or hierarchy is only an illusion imposed on that reality.


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  1. Sarita Sharma

    we might be imperfect but our Divine self is complete as being of light is ever golden as sunshine

  2. Cleigh Trawn

    There is no god.

  3. Monica Linneboden


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