May 9, 2012

Peace and Love.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Peace can only created only by those who are peaceful and love by those who have loved

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  1. Marsha Sickles

    These words brought me to tears...because so many people in this world lack peace and love. They do not truly understand what these words are in respect to themselves as individuals. If each one of us would just stop and meditate on what both of these words mean to us as individuals and then quietly think from the inside out....we`d just emotionally boggle the psyche.

  2. heartphone

    Those who have looked in the mirror in the middle of the labyrinth and understood that the world is as they are gain peace and love themselves the way they are. And yet it can never hurt to look again :) and notice peace and love in our own nature even more...

  3. Eleni Solange Lima

    The feelings, i think, are the expresion of our soul. Loved this quote. Have a nice day. Thanks

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