May 12, 2019

Past Life Anxieties.


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 As my very elderly parents come closer to the time they will pass over, I have struggled with a shocking sense of abandonment. This doesn’t make sense as I am in my fifties, married and have a full life of my own. When I was a child I also hated to be left alone and now this has re-surfaced. I dread being without my parents. I didn’t understand why, until numerous, clear dreams occurred which were more like memories. It seems that in another life, possibly the last one, my parents were killed in some sort of war or sickness. I was a very small child and I was left alone—-then put into a huge, cold, forlorn sort of place made of stone, in an isolated area. I was neglected and unloved in this place, always alone, and I believe I died there in that state. Obviously I was then re-born with this inherited memory. My question is, and I desperately need your advice, is how do I heal this old memory which I am still holding on to? How do I do it? It comes out in my dreams and affects my life now all the time. I am terrified of losing my parents—-and their time cannot be that far away. I would appreciate your answer very, very much. Thank you, Deepak.


Whether we can ascertain the historical validity of the memories as past life memories or not, what matters is that there is some grip from the past that is impacting our present behavior. A good way to clear old memories is when you are in a quiet peaceful state after meditation, recall the old trauma from your position of silence and security. Bring your sense of vulnerability into that safe space and remind yourself that that was the past and this, right now, is the present. You have survived, even flourished in this life and grown up into a complete person. The past memory is a phantom. It is not real. Acknowledge the memory for whatever assistance it played in your growth and then release it with your exhaled breath. For some people, it helps to visualize the old memory dissolving like smoke in the breeze, or some prefer to write out the full emotional impact of the memory and then burn the piece of paper in a safe place. You can improvise with whatever feels most meaningful for you, but the essential point is that you are releasing your hold on the past as unreal and embracing the present as what is real. Love,


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