December 20, 2013

Passing Fancies.


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Hi Deepak, For the past couple years I have been working on myself, spiritually with meditation, mindful thinking, bodywork and yoga to become a better person and live to my highest potential. However, I find that I go through phases of being really passionate and motivated about certain things/practices and then I'll just stop all of a sudden. It seems as though I am not consistent with anything that I do and I really dislike this. My question is what can I do specifically to improve my follow-through and to stay consistent with my practices or hobbies? Thanks for your time.


Studies have shown that it takes at least 21 days for a new habit to take root. That means that you do it without having to feel motivated or passionate about it. Like brushing your teeth each night. So if you feel some practice is worth your time and energy, then dedicate yourself to doing it every day for 3 weeks so that it can become a habit that is self-sustaining and doesn’t depend on your moods or distractions.


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  1. Aimé de Lignière

    Thank you ;o)

  2. Кауза Пердута

    Hi Dear Mr. Deepak thank you for your forum. I ve lost my repishment,this desire or willpower.. for being capable of doing or believing in the things. I kind of lost the point..the fealing of a meaning or relief.. I resist doing anything..Because I ve done million things with thousands of sacrifases earlier and now I feel like I will need over than 10 years to gain those back..its frustrating.So I don teven bother to start all over for the 67th time.. I wish I could know this repetetive endless reason or desire for failure which drawning me down..when I m almost at the end to be successful.I m not even sure it s mine..because I used to be very + perosn.. In all of my relationships I kind of experience a body swap..its further than a telepathic emphaty..and is very annoying since I can t turn it off.. I ve tried enough..What I s that blind point I refuse too see? In the end I prefer being alone and I am not fond of feeling"becoming"experiencing peoples love, attention or character.. when I always enjoyed being part of a bigger family or team...? why I m that transperant and I atrract the opposit? Kind Regards..

  3. Diana Garcia

    Yo solo le pido a dios mantnga lucida en el aqui y ahora

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