December 9, 2021
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Parental Duty.


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Hello Deepak! I am 25 and in a great dilemma. I believe in performing my duty toward my parents and have always tried my best in making them happy. They say that they are very fortunate to have me as their daughter. However, I always feel that I am not doing enough for them. I have a good understanding of what they have gone through to educate me, there were times when it was hard even to fulfill the basic needs. Now that I am educated and independent it is time to have my own family and I don’t think this is fair enough. I want to be with my parents and fulfill their each and every wish and be with them all the time. I am just not concerned with my own future or family. What should I do? Should I follow my heart and keep on performing my duty toward my parents or should I find an alternative way to balance both?


Your feelings toward your parents are laudable, and if you don’t have any other career ambitions or desires to take your life in a different direction, then there is no point in trying to stir up other feelings that aren’t there. However, I feel like once you fall in love with someone it will become obvious that you will need to make a more independent life for yourself in order to build a relationship with them. And you may want to consider whether your sole focus on your parents’ lives is keeping you from opening up to the possibility of creating a life of your own. If your parents when they were young and single had never moved out of the shadow of their parents’ lives, they would never have met, and had you as their daughter. This is the structure of life – children grow up to be adults and start their own lives. You are 25 now, it is time to look for opportunities to create your own life.



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