May 24, 2021
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Hello Deepak, What do you think of there being a new paradise on our planet? Many cultures in history have had the idea of an original historical paradise in India, Tibet, China and not just in Genesis in the bible. The new age or the Age of Aquarius is supposed to be a golden new age on earth, but is it not just the re-emergence of the original paradise age, albeit in an upgraded form? Paradise means gardens, forests, fruit trees and a couple living naturally in the midst of it. What do you think of the idea of reviving the primordial garden, of working toward the creation of a new paradise on earth, of there being a new renaissance of the natural life?


Paradise, whether in the past or the future, is something that must be created from the collective consciousness of the human species. That means the transformation of the environment comes out of and is driven by the transformation of human awareness giving rise to more loving, creative and compassionate understandings, beliefs and behaviors.  If there is to be a return to the Garden of Eden, it will have nothing to do with geological location or foliage, it will be a reflection of the collective shift in world consciousness toward a unifying and harmonizing perception of differences in people’s attitudes and values. A garden or paradise is a celebration of diversity toward a concerted wholeness. If humanity can make such a transition in group awareness, there will indeed be a new golden age of enlightenment.



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