May 23, 2017

Painful People.


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It seems when I am talking to certain people, whether on the phone or in person, I get a flash of pain in my head. It feels like a headache out of nowhere. Is it true that we can pick up people’s mental energy?  I get these headaches in various places but always when speaking directly to certain people. It’s excruciating and then it dissipates when our paths break. With all others, I get no pain at all. Is there any way to eliminate this interaction other than now being around these professionals or friends?


We’ve all heard of people who are a pain, but I’ve never heard of a situation quite like yours where that was literally the case. I think the common sense thing to do is minimize contact with them until you develop the ability to be unperturbed by them. Even if these individuals are radiating negative energy, there is no good reason you should be getting headaches from them. There are difficult influences impacting us all the time from every direction and your internal psychic system has managed to shield you from most of those. For some reason you are susceptible to the influence of a few particular individuals. It may be temporary and go away on its own after a little while, or you may need to develop some conscious techniques to help you. If that is the case, ask your higher self to guide you to the necessary knowledge. As a preliminary step, before you interact with those individuals that give you headaches, you can simply ask that your inner strength protect you from or transmute any deleterious influence of those interactions.



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