June 24, 2017

Pain with Mantra.


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I have been involved with meditation for many years and I recently took a PSM workshop and I am having some trouble with this mantra 🙁      I feel painful, throbbing pressure on the third eye, not only during the meditation but headaches and third eye pulsations throughout the day as well.
Could that be because the primordial sound opens up pathways and channels that other mantras do not? Do I just continue to meditate thru this? Assuming that it is a release or opening of some sort and will eventually resolve itself? My third eye is pretty wide open as it is…Maybe just one meditation per day? (but the second one is the one I’ve always most looked forward to!) I noticed in your book “Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” you mention that you yourself use the so-hum mantra… at least for synchrodestiny. I guess I’m just confused as I was hoping the PSM technique would help to clear up some issues and things I have been experiencing in my spiritual practice and journey but it has only compounded the issues. Any comments or suggestions?

Thank you for listening.


From what you have described this discomfort is likely due to a deep physical release of some old conditioning. So it will eventually abate when it has normalized and you will be freer for deeper experiences. You can take whatever approach is most comfortable to get through this. Cutting back to one meditation a day until things ease up is fine. You don’t need to feel discouraged or confused about this experience, the PSM is doing exactly what you need it to do at this time in releasing this blockage. PSM, like any good meditation practice will strengthen your connection to your source and through that unerringly guide you to the experiences and knowledge you require at every stage of your growth. Meditation won’t make your issues magically go away, but it will cultivate the awareness to allow you to step outside your current perspective so that you can bring a larger more inclusive understanding to bear on them and so resolve them at a root level.



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  1. basant kishore kukreti

    Please initiate me to meditation

  2. basant kishore kukreti

    Please initiate me to meditation

  3. basant kishore kukreti

    Please initiate me to meditation

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