August 4, 2019

Out of Body Experiences.


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I have some questions about “in-body” “out of body” issue.
I have read “Power Freedom Grace” by Dr. Chopra, —[one of the biggest misconceptions is that the soul resides in the body. People may say……The soul is not inside the body.  …. we can find numerous books on so-called “out of body” experiences. The real mystery is how we get an “in-body” experience.] I kind of understand this paragraph since I have grown up in Japanese Buddhism environment.

However, I recently listened to the Podcast called “Heart of Creation Meditation” by Chopra Center, I get confused that this podcast sounded like to lead or encourage “outer-body” experience meditation to me.

I had an impression by Dr. Chopra’s book that he disagreed about outer-body experience issue, but podcast meditation sounded like to encourage to be outer-body? How do I understand this contradictory?
Thank you for your answer when you get a chance please.


The book reference you mentioned is meant to explain the mystery of consciousness and how it gives rise to the experience of physical embodiment. Society has a common conception of our soul or individual awareness as an immaterial something that can be somehow inside of a what we call a physical organism. Or that the soul may or may not be able to function outside the body’s skin. The book’s passage wasn’t meant as a critique of out-of-body experiences which are reported experiences of seeing or sensing real-time objective events while the body is asleep or under anesthesia and the senses are inert. I have no philosophical opposition to out-of-body experiences at all. Out-of-body experiences can be useful in breaking the illusion that we are our physical body. And the Heart of Creation Meditation can be quite helpful for those wishing to free up awareness that is overly identified with their body.



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