June 12, 2013

Order in the Universe.


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Is there no order to the spiritual universe? You say there's no spiritual hierarchy, but I hear of all this talk about dimensions or levels of heaven and masters, angels, and such. What is all this? Are all of these things just the imaginative creations of others?


The orderliness of existence is based on the fundamental dynamic patterns of intelligence in consciousness itself. The structures of consciousness perceived by enlightened sages have given us descriptions of stratified realms of existence, but this is not spiritual hierarchy. Spiritual hierarchy implies that spiritual truth comes from the top down through some kind of chain of command. In fact, spiritual truth is accessible to anyone at any level of existence.


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  1. nickysims

    Do I subscribe here?

  2. Rene Cyr

    my personal belief is that no truth is esoteric. Truth belongs to us all

  3. Bharati Joshi

    well said.

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