September 1, 2013

One Becoming Many.


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If Brahman is the One that becomes the many for the pure joy of being, than isn't the becoming many an eternal and infinite unfolding? What I mean is if a person comes to realize their soul, or atman, and ultimately consciously evolves past the awareness of duality and karma, and eventually reaching that 7th stage of God, or reuniting with that wholeness again, reawakening completely to the ultimate realization that the individual was Brahman all along, wouldn't they then from that "Brahmic" awareness desire to experience themselves as the many again for the pure joy of being and then start the process all over again? Or does an individual move up the evolutionary scale of awareness and once they reach "Brahmic" awareness they remain their without individuality for the rest of forever and infinity, amen?


With full self-realization, the higher self (atman) knows it is the same as the universal self (Brahman) Having attained that consciousness, it is never lost, and there is no return to the loss of awareness. Ultimately the entire process of the one becoming many, duality and karma is only and apparent journey borne of ignorance of the self. If an awakened intelligence chooses to participate in the journey out of compassion for others, it is still done from a place of freedom.


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  1. bo pearman

    poo and wee

  2. Kathryn Teresa McKinney

    I have come to appreciate realizations. Each one reveals love. I Am. This is all... no high or low or between. This is the kmowing. Peace.

  3. Marcy Clark

    You are amazingly deep

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