June 4, 2014

Objective Reality.


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We like to think that objective reality is purely subjective, but isn't just our interpretation of objective reality subjective?


It’s not just the interpretation of objective reality that is subjective. Objective reality per se is a concept of reality we have created subjectively. Reality itself, outside of how we subjectively experience it or conceive it to be, has no meaning. There is no absolute “objective” reality, there is only our experience and whether we label it “objective” or “subjective”, we can get around the fact that unless a subject experiences it, it isn’t real.


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  1. Carol Rpbins

    Right on :))

  2. Ezequiel Vazquez

    I get it now for earlier my mind was in a static, it seemed to be very confusing. Sincerely Ezequiel

  3. Tanja Mogge-Adrian

    It's both the same ; )

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