June 6, 2022
Ask Deepak

Numbness in Meditation.


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Hi Deepak, I have been practicing meditation nearly every day now for approximately 6 months (3 months of Primordial Meditation). During this time I have noticed numbness in first my left fingers and now my right. This isn’t just in meditation (but that is when I first noticed it) It’s constant. I am obviously a bit concerned about this and I am being checked for physiological causes, however, I was wondering if this type of experience can also happen due to meditation i.e. toxic release. I would appreciate any advice you may have on the subject.


This is not a meditation issue, it is neurological. You probably only noticed it initially during meditation, because your attention to the numbness was not distracted by other sensory experiences. Have your physician do an evaluation and take his or her advice. 



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