May 24, 2014

Not Meditating.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak,
Can we spiritually evolve, have expanded awareness and come to know who we really are without meditating? I know that meditation is a helpful, reliable tool for allowing us to un-condition our conditioned self and to help peel away the layers of obfuscation and also has many physical and psychological benefits, but is it necessary? As people, we are all different and approach life and truth in our own way, so is it possible to reach that place, feel that peace, and know that truth without meditation?


Our spiritual core is always there within us at the source of our mind and being. Even though it is always there, accessing it in a repeatable way is done most reliably through a spiritual practice such as meditation. Of course people do transcend and contact their true self randomly and out of the blue. Or they may have a talent or capacity that allows them to open up to their source more naturally, perhaps through art, music, or being in Nature. And some people have cultivated a profound sense of peace, wisdom and compassion without a spiritual practice. So meditation is not a necessity, but it is a powerful spiritual tool for those wishing to maximize their spiritual awakening.


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  1. Lys Miranda


  2. YakNYeti

    No one knows who they really are...probably will never know. In Deepak`s own words "...stay away from those who say they know... and listen to them who would guide and are in the process of knowing...". Spiritual evolution can never be an ultimate goal since it is a movement/process and not a static trophy to win and take home. There can never be a specific way (more or less authentic way) to reach truth since it is the ultimate grand movement of consciousness. The moment you put(dip) your finger in it, it translates into a fact and becomes a part of reality/ more truth remains there. So be careful before taking a ride (on a vehicle called meditation) coz do you know where you are going? The moment you arrive, it becomes a mere stop/transit and not a destination. This is just a POV and no offence PLEASE.

  3. Sonny Kahuroa

    To know who you really are, to know yourself/the observer, you must go through the mind and past the ego to reach yourself/the observer. For most of us the mind chatters/fluctuates and must be stilled and the ego blocks our path in much the same way as the moon eclipses the sun and it must be destroyed to let the clear light rays of the self shine through. Without dealing with these obstacles, every thought, question and answer you have is distorted by the fluctuations of the mind and the misinformation feed back by the ego. If your mind is permanently stilled and your ego is destroyed/gone, you will have clear line of sight from this physical plane back to yourself/the observer (the interface of the spiritual plane). If the mind is not still and the ego blocks your path you will need to meditate. Engage the breath to still the mind and withdraw the senses. That is the way to know the truth. Many many people simply believe, have faith in spirituality. Their spiritual evolution comes through their readings, teachings and their ability to cobble them together and make sense of it. No less valid but, inevitably details are lost in translation to words and the ability to comprehend. I view the essence of most religious teaching to be the same. But, the interpretation of the teachings seems to have been distorted over time. To the point where I just don't agree with some of the current teachings of various religions. They all seem a bit muddled. Still the mind, destroy the ego. Know yourself for yourself. Peace.

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