July 20, 2012

Not Feeling OK.


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Hi Deepak, I came to synchrodestiny in Puerto Rico last year and also to seduction of spirit in Whistler in summer and I learned a lot to hear/see you 'live' explaining everything I read in your books before…I had a wonderful year and have been meditating for a year …and now I'm losing the practice twice a day and it doesn't feel ok… The last 6 months I am finding myself in more and more strange situations that I didn't experience during last year: I am attracting all kind of situations around me that do not feel ok. Yesterday I had an insight that it seems that I unconsciously surround myself in my life with partners, friends, people, situations that trigger an 'old emotion' from my childhood and that keeps feeding the emotion…I am kind of lost now…because I'm convinced that avoiding/leaving those people/situation doesn't solve the problem…I'll keep attracting it in another form… how do I transform 'old hurtful emotions' that are of no use anymore in my life but that I keep feeding and thus attracting? Thank you for your point of view greetings from Belgium


Sometimes when we work on healing old emotional trauma to stop the pattern of attracting negative situations, we have actually completed the deep healing, but the momentum of the old pattern can still persist for a little while. It’s like an old car engine that sputters and coughs after it is turned off, or a bike that coasts along after you have stopped pedaling. I think this is what is going on in your case. It can feel confusing and even upsetting when old annoying issues keep resurfacing even after you have dealt with the underlying problem. The important point to keep in mind in this situation is to patient, kind and non-judgmental with yourself. If you let yourself become reactive to the pattern with anger or despair, you can reinvigorate the pattern with you energy. The best approach is to notice what is going on with a sense of benign non-attachment. The old pattern will wind down and fade away on its own if you leave it alone and let it. If you don’t feel like you are quite able to muster the required detachment, see if you can at least develop a sense of humor about the absurdity of the situation. Being able to laugh at yourself and the crazy ways of life is one of the most effective ways of disengaging from your old self.


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  1. Julia

    I do I let go of my emotional baggage and claim healing? I know I need to forgive and ask for forgiveness, however pride and ego is my stumbling block!!

  2. sum1

    Thanks :-). I was dealing with a similar situation today.

  3. Hariatma

    Dear Arre, He is gone abroad, watches porn, denies it until confronted with truth...No all men are not like this. Trust is utmost important in a relationship. If you honestly think you can trust him then believe him and stay with him. However if your intuition tells you to move on then do that! Maybe he can be counseled to improve. You could give him 40 days to adopt a healthier habit and also tell him to get counseling.

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