March 31, 2022
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Dear Deepak: I’ve read a lot of your books and articles, your advice have helped me a lot through many different bad situations, I live in Cuba, so at first it was hard for me to get your books, but they are awesome, so thanks. Now I’m writing you for the first time hoping to get some clarity in my life. I live in a bad neighborhood, full of violent people, the problem is that I’m not like that, a few days ago I was stopping a discussion between my family and some neighbors and one of those persons attacked me, I was stopped by my friends and my father before I could fight back, but I have to see that person every day because he lives in the apartment beneath mine. My actual question is this, what should I do, look for payback or simply let it go, and if I let go how do I deal with this feeling of shame and impotence. My family have been very supportive and they don’t want me to get into any trouble. I have a great career and I work in one of the best companies of my country, I’m one of the small groups of educated people in my neighborhood, I’m not a violent person but does that mean that I should look away and act like if that never happened? Thanks in advance for your advice.


You have many positive factors in your life;: family, friends, and a good career. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose if you retaliate and seek revenge on your neighbor. No doubt when you were attacked for trying to calm the discussion you felt insulted and dishonored. But that was your small self, not your higher spiritual self that was offended. So as you let this incident go, let it be a reminder that there are still some areas of your conditioned self that still need to be healed and fully awakened.



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