September 22, 2021
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I just started reading & learning about meditation and when I first started meditating the past week I felt really relaxed and free, the problem is when I go to sleep I get the worst nightmares all together that I used to have since I was a child (war & seeing the people I love die). I try to ignore these nightmares but I wake up after them feeling sweaty & with a bad headache. I’m not sure what this means? Am I meditating the wrong way?


Your meditation is probably fine. The nightmares are likely unrelated and would have occurred even without learning meditation. The intense nightmares suggest that your unconscious is processing some deep emotional material that was not resolved when you were a child. It will resolve itself soon. To help it along, try getting more physical exercise during the day, eat a light dinner by 7 pm, and take a warm shower before bed. If a nightmare wakes you up in the middle of the night,  get up rinse your face with water and drink some water. Reassure yourself that the nightmare is not true, it’s only old fears and conditioning that is now being cleared out through sleep. It’ll be done before long.



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