February 2, 2023
Ask Deepak

New Artistic Phase.


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Dear Deepak, I am an artist and quite a few years ago when working on a long-term art project I experienced some amazing synchronicities and I experienced an incredible sense of oneness and interconnectedness between all things, and across time, which has forever changed me. Ever since I have felt compelled to creatively express this awareness and other beautiful spiritual experiences. My problem is that the galleries I am with want me to continue doing what I have previously done (sculpture) because that is what I am known for and that is what sells…..I feel stifled and frustrated because I am not expressing my true self anymore or things that I am deeply interested in exploring through my art in a variety of media which I know I am capable of. Whenever I have tried to explain what I am interested in doing I am met with resistance. I am feeling frustrated and well and truly “boxed” by the limitations of others and so disillusioned by the local art world (who are supposed to be proponents of creativity….) So – I am thinking of withdrawing completely from the public art scene for a while, finding another means of supporting myself (somehow) while I develop my other work and allow myself the freedom of going on whatever creative journeys occur. This is a big decision because the gallery I am with at the moment is quite prestigious……..but I think their primary concerns are about money and also perhaps a fear of embarrassment if I came out with something that got a poor “review” or is so far removed from what I am known for…. I am wondering if you have any thoughts or advice for me? Thank you so much.


As a pure artist, you must create from your inspiration, your love, and your beauty. That is who you are. Your inspiration has taken a different turn from your past work,  so you are not going to feel fulfilled if you let your future work be limited by your past. Create art that you love, and if the gallery doesn’t want to represent it, find another one that will. Trust your creative vision and it will lead you deeper into your own spiritual awakening.



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