April 5, 2023
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Dear Deepak, I heard you talk about the Bible and Koran as cultural mythology. And sometimes you say rules from the Bible don’t really have anything to do with our relationship with God. My question is should we really believe that these Old Testament prophets were literally speaking from God or hearing his voice or is it all like you say cultural mythology. I like the idea of a God who wants us to be free. So unless it’s all myth how can we feel free unless we consider the prophets just myth? Thanks.


Myths are also valid ways of speaking about reality and states of consciousness, but the language is metaphorical, not literal. Theological mythology, including Indian mythology can hold deep wisdom and guidance for us. But the danger comes when those scriptures are interpreted literally by the experts, especially when they are used to hurt or control others who are different from them. 

You are right to hold to a vision of the divine that supports your spiritual freedom and happiness, as that is the agreed upon understanding of the enlightened souls who have fully awakened to that divinity within. But don’t feel you have to regard all myths as lies. Find stories that resonate with your deepest aspirations, and those myths can be powerful guides for you.



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