September 30, 2020
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Movements in Meditation.


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I am 30 years old woman, quite stable and happy with my life. I have started doing meditation for a quite a while but I am not consistent with it although I try to do it daily. However, I have just one question that whenever I start to meditate and after a while when I feel that I am just focused in my mind and there is no distraction…i.e. when I feel that my mind is at rest.. at that moment, my body starts moving back and forth. The more I feel my concentration increases (at a single point of focus that I create in my imagination to be focused at e.g. light spot or point) the more I feel my body is moving. Sometimes during meditation if I think that my body shouldn’t move and just stop.. it immediately stops although I don’t exert any physical pressure to do so. I am bit confused and also concerned about this situation that whether I am doing meditation the right way or not? is this body movement normal?
Thanks for help.


This is a perfectly normal experience in meditation. As the body experiences that deep rest while the mind is in that state of stillness, it will naturally release tension and fatigue in the muscles and tissues, and that sometimes will cause the body to move, sway, twitch, etc.… Don’t worry about it or try to force it to stop. Don’t encourage it either, just know that when it is complete, it will stop of its own accord. Continue meditating as instructed without giving any thought to what the body is doing or not doing.



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