May 19, 2019

Mother Worry.


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What to do with worry as a Mother?  It pains me to see how my son is fraught with always “having to be right”.  I have listened to your words on surrendering being right – and I feel I somehow have failed because he is so caught up with his own opinion and being the only one who is right….and I worry about he will relate to others.    Other than giving him your book – how can I think about my own role and cease the Mother Worry?


Much of a mother’s worry seems to come with the territory of being a mom. A mother’s love and attention is geared toward nurturing and guiding, and when she sees her child struggle she often feels it is her failure.

Know that you haven’t failed. You son must find his own way at various junctures in life, and this is one of them. It is important for him to take an independent stand and follow the consequences so he can  learn what it is to be an adult. Just love him and trust that  his life  path will eventually lead him where he needs to be.



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