July 15, 2014

Morning Meditation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I saw you on Oprah and you said that you meditate 2 hours in the morning. Do you meditate at sunrise? Are there important benefits to meditating that early?
Thank you.


I usually meditate before sunrise. It’s easy to connect to silence at that time, before all the activity of the day begins and everything is still fresh. The yoga tradition encourages meditation early in the morning for just these reasons.


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  1. Ala

    Heartphone: You are right. Exercise and sport is good active relax too. Good inspiration.

  2. heartphone

    @Ala: that`s why sleep is the best meditation. Good sleep makes you wake up rested and full of energy. The only time some other meditation might work is after practicing a good workout like Hatha yoga and meditate on what it did for your body......

  3. Ala

    When I wake up early in the morning, I dont feel depressed. Maybe people feel ready to do something.

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