December 22, 2011

Mistaken Existence.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

How do I know I'm not here by mistake? I've read somewhere that if we are here, in "the physical world" there is a reason, but I'm struggling to find one for me and it's getting painful because I'm more and more convinced that I'm here by mistake. All I see around me are good reasons not to be here: I don't have any unique qualities or skills that can help other people and I dare not trying to do any volunteer activities because I'm so incompetent that I would do more harm than good. When I fall in love the other person always chooses someone else better than me. I'm thankful that I found a job after years of unemployment but the new hires are so competitive and they want to prove they can do better than me although they just started. I feel like I don't deserve what I have, I'm no longer able to go shopping because I feel guilty, in other parts of the world people don't have anything to eat and if they were me they would appreciate life more than I do, but I can't.


I don’t believe your issue is really about determining the difference between what exists for a good reason and what is here by mistake. I think this comes down to self-esteem. Because you don’t feel uniquely talented or sought out in love, you think you don’t belong, but it really means you don’t t know who you are and the true inner strength, beauty, love and joy that you being is. That truth is not going to be revealed in your work or in relationships. You have to find that inside you, beyond your mind and feelings, where the silent observer resides. As the Self of pure consciousness grows stronger, the issues of low-self-esteem, feeling guilty and being undeserving, will fade away and you will feel imbibed with the same infinite value that you see in ever being in creation.

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  1. wild flower

    Hey sometimes its easy to feel distortion - where ever your passion is focused its possible change that. It seems like at the moment your view is outside your self and truely finding self reference and being inside the person who is feeling so unloveable and lacking in worth - in the centre of that person there must be a soft and probably painful place of conciousness that you could gently hang out with. If you had been loved and adored as child then you would have naturally felt that energy passing thru you and known that is was yours. If you didnt get that opportunity then it still available to you but you have to seek out ways to allow that and find it someone in your heart to believe your are worth it. I have been in a similar place and I feel for you but the shadow of what you feel is enormous light! finding small ways to open your heart with feelings of gratitude may be useful -opening the tiniest doorway to feelings of worth and love and you own beautiful uniqueness

  2. performs

    The importance of having support of even a shred of faith in a benevolent Creator/Creation can not be underestimated. My Father’s way may twist and turn, My heart may throb and ache, But in my soul I’m glad I know, He maketh no mistake. My cherished plans may go astray, My hopes may fade away, But still I’ll trust the Lord to lead, For He doth know the way. Tho night be dark and it may seem, That day will never break, I’ll pin my faith, my all in Him. He maketh no mistake. There’s so much now I cannot see, My eyesight far too dim, But come what may, I’ll simply trust And leave it all to Him. For by and by the mist will lift, And plain it all He’ll make, Through all the way, tho dark to me, He made not one mistake. ~A.M. Overton

  3. heartphone

    the more mistaken existence you feel the more your creative inner self wants to reveal. Discover your inner creativity by drawing your feelings on a piece of paper, make a poem, keep a notebook with you and write it down in the moment. In that way you already create a piece of art. The real Art is not for nothing called "The Art of living". Every one is a piece of Art, expressing it in ones own natural way. Internet only contains pieces of Art combined together :)

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