December 20, 2017

Mind-Body Questionnaire.


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In reading the book “Overcoming Addictions” I took the Mind-Body questionnaire.  I ended up with a Vata score of 70, Pitta score of 64 and Kapha score of 56.  Because the scores were all relatively close I looked over my answers again and reviewed them with a family member.  Nothing changed substantially from the first pass.  I even ran into this with the abbreviated online questionnaire.

So I then read about the three types and based on the information in the book I seemed to identify with Vata first and Kapha second.  But in using your website I appear to have many Pitta characteristics too such as intense, intelligent and goal-oriented.  So I am at a loss as to what this means for me and how I would go about better interpreting myself.  Are there certain questions (existing or other) that could be weighted more heavily than others or might I actually be a three-type dosha?

I really enjoyed the book and am enjoying learning more about this.  A family friend passed the book to me knowing I had given up being an alcoholic and a lot of what was said in the book rang true. 


If you come out as primarily a Vata on your score and that is what you identify with most based on the information in the book, then you are probably a Vata-Pitta. Just because you identify with many of the psychological characteristics of the Pitta type, that wouldn’t necessarily make you a Pitta dosha. Similarly, identifying with the Kapha traits as a secondary dosha wouldn’t override the comprehensive test results either.  If you follow the recommendations for Vata-Pitta type, you won’t go wrong.

I co-wrote Freedom from Addiction with Dr. David Simon in 2007, and in it we developed some of these ideas further based on years of treating addiction at the Chopra Center. Good luck.



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