February 15, 2019

Midlife Crisis.


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I would be interested in what the Vedic or Eastern position is with regard to our modern western society’s “midlife crisis” or “midlife transition?”


I’m not familiar with any references to such a midlife crisis situation in any scriptures, but I think if we look at the general concept of a midlife crisis we can see that see that this is confusion about one’s dharma or purpose in life. 

As we grow older physically, we are also designed to grow and mature mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This ever-unfolding development of consciousness is our dharma, or spiritual path toward complete self-realization.

When we lack understanding of how to make the necessary transitions at different phases of our life, then we might experience a “crisis” in which we might display psychologically inappropriate or regressive behavior. This can happen during any major transitional phase: adolescence, midlife, or retirement. Ancient wisdom traditions provided social rites and customs to help shape and orient the group member during these phase transitions. Unfortunately, modern society has abandoned most of these traditions that played a role in guiding individuals toward their dharma.

To rediscover these signposts of evolution within, I often encourage people to find the archetypes and heroic structures that are operating inside them.  Look at the stories that inspire you and demonstrate how someone you admire overcame a difficulty similar to what you are now experiencing. In this way, you can activate the wisdom, strength and light that is already there in your consciousness to empower you toward your solution.



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