March 29, 2012

Mentoring Others.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Share your talents by teaching and giving of your time. Be a mentor!

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  1. Cecilia Maria

    Definitivelly, I wasn`t born to be any mentor, really. I`m sorry!

  2. MURAT

    ...i have 2 children and love them so much. As if living in the name of them and to see their grow ups..I am at 34 and suprisely I have fallen in love a lady living so far from me.. This is the life, whatever it is, you can addict yourself to someone, or some idea , or some ideology..or your family. OR just YOURSELF and your spiritual happiness. At the moment, I believe that I will be happy my new love, who is so far from me. Before her, I am living for my children. Truth is that, my children and my love can never get together. If I divorce my wife, probably I will rarely see my babies. I am living in that circumstances. Gimme one reason for something or nothing.. MURAT

  3. heartphone

    mentoring others.... no more is needed for that than listening to your own cells mentoring your body. The creative power inside is a beautiful guide for mentoring outside. To become an interdependent creative part of the whole. The earth (nature) shows this to us every day and therefore is the greatest mentor of all.....

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