April 25, 2022
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Meditation Benefits.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


You promote the specific kind of meditation that you do, sitting in silence without thoughts. While I have done this kind of meditation for at least a decade, more often than not I don’t manage to go very deep in it and often I end up falling asleep or getting lost in a cloud of images, so it feels like I am wasting my time–my mind too tired or relaxed to force itself to be quiet. I feel much more benefit from kundalini yoga meditations from a channel I follow on YouTube, where one sings a mantra and does some kind of mudra. The mantra vibrates throughout the body and leaves a blissful feeling of peace. Is this kind of meditation not of any benefit?


Even experiences of sleepiness and cloudy thoughts can indicate that your body is receiving positive benefits from meditation and is certainly not wasting your time. It may not feel like you are going very deep, but physiological research on meditators often indicates that their bodies are showing a deep state of rest even when their self-reports say they didn’t think they were very deep. Clearing away the old stress and fatigue is often needed before mental clarity emerges. Also brief glimpses of no thinking may not be remembered between other thoughts, but those short experiences still help establish pure consciousness.

The singing mantra meditation may be beneficial. Usually these types of meditations are more goal-oriented in contrast with silent meditations that are focused on self-realization primarily.



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