January 12, 2017

Meditation and Masters.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 I believe you said that you should stick to a fixed amount of time for meditations and not deviate from this duration.  Does that mean If I regularly meditate for 20 minutes and I only have time for 15 that I do not get some benefit from the shorter amount of time? I know these are concrete questions but it sounds like from your response that there are specifics to meditation.  Also I read in a book (Surfing in the Himalayas) that in order to be enlightened one needs the help of an enlightened master.  Is this so?


Meditating your full instructed time is the ideal, but meditating some is always better than none at all. If you meditate 15 minutes, you will get the benefit of those 15 minutes of meditation. Just as 6 hours of sleep is not as good as 8 hours, but it’s a lot better than no sleep at all.

Ultimately, an enlightened master is understood to be your higher self, your Atman. The guidance of a spiritual teacher gives voice to your inner self toward its complete realization. This spiritual direction can speak to you from other sources, or directly from within.  However, the knowledge needs to be conveyed to you, it will come. Whether you need to hear it from a bearded saint from the Himalayas, in  a communion with Nature outdoors, a friend, a book, or silent insight–your cosmic self will orchestrate the necessary master to guide you unerringly on your way.



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