December 6, 2014

Meditating While Depressed.


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Dear Deepak
How can we meditate when we are depressed? I consider myself a strong person and when I had tough times I was able to control myself, and meditation and physical exercise has been always very helpful. I have done some of your 21 days meditations challenges and I can always feel the difference when I do them. I love them! But now I'm going through one of the hardest times of my life, some things I have lost control of, and I'm trying to meditate but when I sit still and try to relax is when my mind starts to drives me crazy, my heart starts to beat harder. I manage to listen the whole meditation and sometimes I relax more than others but is never a proper meditation experience, i still feel strong palpitations… Any advice on how to meditate when you feel like this?… Sorry for long message.


You can still meditate when you are depressed or in any mental state. If you can think a thought, you can meditate.. The purpose of meditation is to heal you heal your old wounds and help you awaken to your true status. When you are going through an emotionally challenging time in life, your meditations may reflect that turmoil and releasing process, but that’s okay, because that means you are healing and resolving those underlying issues. So when you are meditating and your heart begins to pound, take notice of it, but don’t interpret it as bad or ineffective meditation. Recognize that this means some old conditioning is being released and then let your attention easily return to the mantra to continue. If the heart sensations are too intense for you to come back to the mantra, then ease off and let your mind be with the physical sensation for a little bit. It may even increase in intensity before it settles down, that’s okay. Letting your awareness easily rest in the physical sensation is the quickest way for it to subside and release. Once it does, the mind will start to think other thoughts. That is your cue that you are ready to begin thinking the mantra again.


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  1. N

    I often feel the same thing while mediation and have realized what Sir just said..."it awakens your true status" Thanks for your guidance.

  2. Ambe

    Dr. Chopra, I have been listening to your talks on youtube and have realized that you talk sense. I have been meditating for long and have experienced several amazing things. I wanted to be associated with your initiatives, pls advise.

  3. heartphone

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