September 24, 2018

Manifesting Work.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have been a follower of yours for about 4 years and have read several of your books.
Currently my partner and I and 2 children are experiencing what appears to be a lot of ‘blocks’ and things that just don’t seem to make sense. Financially we are up to our ears in debt and my partner has had some wonderful opportunities (any one of which could have saved us), yet they just seem to pass us by.   For example, we recently heard that he could get a position with an overseas company and earning enough money to sort out all our problems.  We both meditated, visualised and followed your guidance (including detachment) and after a long agonising wait, he was passed by for the position.  We had other options so released all of them hoping that one would materialise.
He was then told that another job is possible soon, but we are still waiting and each time a door closes it reinforces a negative outcome.
We are trying all other avenues as well and each thing seems to either get blocked, dry up or simply not materialize.
I don’t understand because I really feel that I know how the manifestation thing works.  I have even made up a book of chants (based on my own positive affirmations) to back up my/our faith and beliefs.
How do you juggle all these things and still keep positive when you have bills to pay and you are struggling to keep the roof over your family’s heads.
Is it possible that a person could have been through so much adversity and hardship that there is just no way that this ingrained belief system can be healed! I have experienced this feeling of being ‘blocked’ or ‘pushed down’ my whole life in various ways, only now I am consciously doing things to counteract or heal, but the sad thing is I don’t know if it’s too late for me.
To give you an example, I say over and over again my positive affirmations literally every opportunity I have throughout the time I am awake, to try and change or heal any negative deep-seated beliefs or fears that could be manifesting as obstacles.  I have been doing affirmations ever since I read Louise L Hay’s book about 3-4 years ago.
I am pretty sure that I do more than the average person to alter any ‘undesirable’ behaviours or beliefs and replace them with positive actions and thoughts.  Yet, blessings don’t seem to come easily my way!
How much adversity and struggle can a person take?  I would like the ‘fruitless’ to become ‘fruitful’.  I truly believe that no-one can continue on a ‘fruitless’ path as it just makes you want to not go on anymore.
All the coincidences that led me to consult the angels (Doreen Virtue) and your books must mean something.  Have you got any answers or guidance?  I just feel so lost right now! I look forward to your response.


I understand that it’s difficult to see how things will work out when you have been running a string of setbacks. You are not doing anything wrong, but the limited mind is telling you “this has to happen now, in this way, for us to be okay,” and yet the universe has an unlimited number of ways, and its own timing to bring you and your family exactly what is needed.

That view of the ego is what is generating the fear.   I would encourage you two to keep actively moving toward work the way you have been, and soon you’ll find the right job will come along. Whatever your deep-seated patterns on finances may be, they are finite and can be undone. You just need the tools and the patience.

The spiritual value that can come out of this process is for you to learn to shift your perspective from the ego personality to the universal silent witness awareness. That is the real experience of detachment.

Some believe that manifestation is merely a matter of understanding the law of attraction and applying the mechanics of visualization and affirmation   so that the universe delivers what your ego wants, when it wants it. But in my experience, the deeper secret of creativity is to cultivate the awakening of consciousness to its true status as abundance, joy, and all possibilities, so that the ego expands to become the universe and then every desire becomes the desire of the universe. This has the benefit of having the entire cosmos working for you, plus you remain fulfilled and complete at every step of the process.



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