February 23, 2017

Making a Decision.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have been meditating on a difficult decision for many years.  What path do you suggest if I cannot decide?  Sometimes I feel like I have
the answer that is best for me.  And then I second guess as this would likely be painful for others.  Then I decide to do what’s best for themand I feel pain.  What do you do when meditation does not bring forth an answer??? Do you think I have possibly been given the answer and I am just scared to accept it?


Sometimes the correct path is not painless, so that cannot be your only guide in your decision. In those cases you try to do what is right and fair as best as you can, and any painful consequences of that proper action must simply be endured. Given that, ask your heart what outcome will lead to long-term peace and harmony even if the short-term may be a bit rocky. I suspect you do have the answer, but are reluctant to deal with the immediate reaction. Take courage and go ahead. The fear of pain is often more crippling that just taking action and dealing with it.



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