September 20, 2021
Ask Deepak

LSD for Spiritual Experiences.


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I recently broke free of the cycle of addiction and am now three months sober. While I do not miss drinking, the majority of my problem, I do miss hallucinogenic drugs, specifically LSD. I believe that it provided me with spiritual experiences and helped me remain in tune with nature and the Universe itself. Should I continue to avoid these drugs, even though they provide spiritual benefits?


Good for you for staying sober these last 3 months. Because of your addictive past, it may be wise to avoid hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, even if it did provide some spiritual opening for you before. The experience of attunement with all of Nature is always available to you as your true essence,  even without drugs. If your only experience of spiritual unity has come through hallucinogens, you are more inclined to think you need them in order to have that experience, instead of recognizing that higher states of consciousness are your natural developmental birthright and can be awakened through the meditation practices.



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