May 10, 2021
Ask Deepak

Lost and Alone.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, I’m 52, male, single, no children, no siblings and I live with my elderly mom as her caregiver. I am feeling lost and so lonely. I have been clinically depressed for years and the only thing that keeps me going is the promise to God to take care of my mom and uncle. Sometimes I just feel like I’m just lost from the rest of the world and I see no end to the desperation. I’m afraid that when my mom passes, I will not be able to handle being here by myself. What can I do to prepare mentally and spiritually for this moment?


It is important that you find your reason for being alive and present on earth. Being a caregiver is important and can be a big part of that, but that is not the sum total of why you are here. I suggest adopting a spiritual practice that can get you acquainted with your core self. It is through the awakening of self-awareness that our true purpose is revealed to us. If you are intellectually inclined, go to the library and find some books that address your searching. If you are creatively inclined, take up an artistic outlet. It can be a path of self-discovery as well. As you come into your own self knowingness, you will be prepared for whatever comes your way in life.



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