March 4, 2016

Losing Weight Problem.


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All my life I have tried to lose weight, and have managed to several times.  But now that I am older the problem is worse than ever, and I feel such a failure because I am about 60 lbs overweight, and the more I try to muster the effort to discipline myself the worse the situation becomes and the more weight I gain.  What is the insight I need to change my life and be healthy and slender as I truly want to be?


Don’t look on this as a battle with your weight and image. Understand that what you are trying to do is help your body find its ideal health and well-being. This involves more than just attention to diet and exercise, you must learn to listen to the intelligence of your body. Listen to what your body really wants to eat, not what it craves or habitually wants in order to emotionally feel better. Learn to eat only when you are hungry and to stop eating when you notice you are not hungry anymore, instead of eating until the food is gone or you are full. Pay close attention to the taste, smell and sight of the food, and make sure you are eating in a pleasant, calm setting.  Your body has all the knowledge you need to regain your health. Let it be your guide, and media images or your internal self-sabotaging self. You might benefit from reading one of my earlier books, What Are You Hungry For?



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  1. Winifred Sheehan

    This was so helpful to me Will buybook

  2. Winifred Sheehan

    This was so helpful to me Will buybook

  3. Joani Stabins

    All my life (since age 5 when my Dad's emotional abuse started) I ate for emotional comfort and escape! At age 16, I added alcohol to the mix. Up to 2007, I yo~yo'd from 160 lbs to 190 lbs! Then I read a statement: "It's not what you're eating; it's what's eating you!" That statement changed my Life! I got sober and I looked at food differently! For the last 5 years I have maintained my weight between 130 to 135 lbs! I don't diet~I love eating healthy foods and I no longer diet! I eat only when I am hungry! I can't go back to my old eating habits. When I crave something (usually white chocolate~my favorite) I just eat it! If I deny my craving, I'll binge eat sooner or later! I'm in excellent health today and I am so Grateful! I am guided by my Higher Power today and lead a reasonably happy and fulfilling Life!

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