December 9, 2014

Losing Intimacy.


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Dear Deepak,
I recently married a wonderful person, who approached life the same way I do – with spiritual awareness and creativity. We both know the power of thought and ability to form our reality. Yet, the past few months have been a struggle. My spouse and I are losing our intimate relationship. We are having financial difficulties and disagree more and more. Despite everything we know, we have allowed our relationship to turn negative – to be a source of frustration and stress. I am becoming more depressed each day and feel ashamed for missing my old life before I married him. I was positive, happy, and independent. Our marriage has become unhealthy and I find myself doubting my decision. I would appreciate your advice on marriage. I love this person and anticipated the beautiful life we would have together, but that time seems so far away now. How can I get the back the marriage we intended? .. supportive, loving, positive, limitless ?


Evaluating the intricacies of a marriage through a letter is nearly impossible, so instead of offering a “solution” I will suggest a new way of looking at this challenging time. First of all, don’t look back to your independent life as your model of happy marriage. The whole point of marriage is building a life together, growing in love, understanding and in spiritual awakening. It’s a different path than the single life, with different rewards and challenges. The challenges are usually in letting go of ego attachments to the old way of thinking and behaving we had before when we didn’t have to compromise. And the rewards are the growth of love, joy and wisdom that comes when we let go of our ego for the sake of the greater wholeness of the marriage that is bigger than our ego selves. As you two learn to work through the financial difficulties and decision making processes together, you will build a sense of togetherness that can become a source of happiness, support, and positivity that is more real and better than any ideal vision of marriage you had before.


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  1. dipak patel

    always live in real life with pleasure and happy. remove stress from your life. it is very easy. don`t worry be happy for every moment you survive with blessings from all mighty lord you belive in and your own ancestors.

  2. Bonita Vanderpas-Hubbs

    I .agree with Depak! marriage is learning to grow together. It does not mean you give up when the going gets tough. Truly the opposite is meants Growing in Love together pas our old selves and lives. If what you say is true most people have an inkling that something is not right before you marry then they should not marry. It takes love , humility and letting go of pride..

  3. Karina Carmen Velasco Cuatro-Caminos

    Or, I beg to differ sometimes people act as if they are in tune with a certain life style in this case it could be spiritual path or awakening to get someone to agree to marriage. Maybe they even do it without any other desire than to be loved and wanting to present a "life style" that maybe is not truly who they are. In these events once the wedding has ended and the documents signed a spouse can actually show their ego self and the person may not of been who they appeared or made themselves out to be. I would caution the writer to Mr. Chopra to not doubt her inner voice and hiegher sefl. If the spouse appears to be a different person than whom she thought she married, she may be experiencing what I have explained. Often times abusive partners do this to get a perceived dominance over the partner as in once married they won't leave now I can unleash negativity. Every part of my intuition is telling me the writer may be in a situtaion that is more complex than merely facing financial problems and or not knowing how to compromise. CAUTION. Be kind to yourself writer. If it does not feel right dig deeper, seek help. Relationships are powerful tools towards spiritual growth and the ending of one that may be unhealthy is a HEALTHY act of love. Be well.

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