September 14, 2018

Looking for God.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I am from Iran. I have recently finished your book, How to Know God.  It was exactly what I needed to know in this period of my life. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I have many questions but please let me to ask a few.
When I wanted to understand in which level of knowing God I am, I saw that I have some experiences from different levels. I have lived some of those levels completely and for some I have different experiences. In 5 years of meditation practice I have experienced happiness in silence; I saw once my soul getting up from my body; I always see dreams where I have consciousness at the time of seeing dreams, sometimes I discover an answer to my questions in my dream, sometimes a poem comes which I try to memorize it in order to note it in the morning when I wake up; when I am still in my dream and consciously follow it, I try to get the information from where it is coming,  I concentrate on them to memorize or follow the story but little by little they mostly disappear , I don’t have control on them.   I sometimes experience extreme happiness and joy in my dreams, I realize I am sleeping and when I wake up I can see my body is full of joy and happiness, for no reason, this is marvelous. I have many experiences belong to different levels according to your book but never any of those miracles you mentioned in your book happened to me.

I am very happy in my life just I have some health problems, which for them I am working on my thoughts. I am sure that God is watching me, and I just listen to my heart when I want to make any decision because I am sure it is God talking to me, I have never been regretted for those decisions I have made although at the time of making decisions I sometimes didn’t listen to my logic and reasons, but experience proved me to trust on that sound in my heart. I reach most of the things I wish in my life so easily.
I would like to know in which level of those seven I am placed, although this expression might not be really true!!/ I would like to know if for passing each level I must do one of those miracles?/  In last level, is it optimal to see the light, on the other hand is it possible to choose  in which forms things to be seen?/  Is it correct that I am trying to reach enlightenment or doing miracles? / How long may it take for me this way? Could you introduce me a very holy person in India I wish to meet them in order to find consciousness, to grow in God and discover myself more effectively? This is my goal in my life… Please help me in this way.


Your daily meditation practice and your studying is all you need to find your way to enlightenment. Your deeper spiritual intention will lead you to any teachers or practices you may need in your journey. Nor do you need to perform miracles to quantify your growth to enlightenment.  Self-realization is simply the unfoldment of who you really are. That experience is the most normal and natural experience you can have; it isn’t supernatural or flashy.

From what you have written about your meditation and dream experiences, it seems to me that you have cultivated a great deal of the silent witness value of your consciousness. In terms of the book How to Know God, that you were reading, this correlates to the maturation of the Intuitive Response. This increasing light of your higher Self is the source of the joy and happiness you are experiencing. As this Self becomes more established, you will discover that it will be your unerring guide for everything you need on the way toward enlightenment.



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December 24, 2014

Looking for God.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Looking for God is like a thirsty fish looking for water. What you seek is all around you, but you don’t realize it.

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  1. heartphone

    Look at the selfies that can be made nowadays with almost all cell phones. Every one wants to be number one lol. If you are able to carry a positive self image inside, the world around you looks in another daylight too. To that I agree. But do not fall into the trap of wishful thinking. Instead start to be curious and look at everything as if you see it for the first time. This takes practice but you will discover that your world becomes more enchanting than you ever thought it could. And no I am not famous and no I am not of any importance to someone else but I am to myself and I discovered a creativity in myself I did not hold for possible........

  2. LilithTheTroll

    What you are preaching is called "Menault": a frivolous, wishy-washy non-existent deity you must reach out for that always loves you. Bah Humbug.

  3. Ron Greenstein

    The reason this saying is true, is that God, the infinite, eternal Being of all beings, alone is Real. All else is illusion, God`s shadow, dream, imagination, a very grand and elaborate show. You can`t get a way from Reality by definition, but you can gradually wake up from the dreams and illusions that veil it from your conscious experience. I do not have the experience of Reality, but every day Truth resounds a little truer and inspires an unfailing conviction.

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