May 22, 2014



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


It seems to be a big point of spirituality to get away from logic, get out of our heads and into our hearts. And as poetic as that sounds, then what is the point of our logic, our reason, and our intelligence? I'm often told I'm over-thinking things, but shouldn't the Truth of existence make perfect sense, but like a puzzle shouldn't all the pieces of existence fit together perfectly? And then if something doesn't make sense, then it isn't the complete truth?


You’re right, intellectual understanding of reality can be explained with clarity. Logic and specificity isn’t contrary to spiritual truth, but intellectual understanding by itself falls short of the experience of reality. For that matter, emotional understanding also falls short, but since the heart can see unity where the mind often looks for diversity, it can give of a better sense of the reality of unity. But ultimately, to know reality, we must transcend both and become that reality in our state of consciousness.


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  1. Scott Dehn

    The Universe gifted me a special moment with Deepak a number of years ago...

  2. No One

    Yes, but transcending and become that reality in our state of consciousness is not that easy to do. I think I`ve been there in two very dramatic consciousness altering events where I was dissolved into nothing but light and sound and returned transformed. There are been less dramatic experiences too. However, consciousness altering that was, and it was, both or either not enough and/or I lost the most important parts of the experience. I`ve tried talking to some very serious gurus who follow different traditions. No one can tell me how to get there, or it seems like I`m not taken seriously, like someone who seriously pursues this consciousness, although I`m very serious. Sometimes I think that maybe these very serious people haven`t experienced the mind they are trying to teach. I don`t know, but I`m left in a wilderness and with no way to find answers, and finding answers is what I do well.

  3. No One

    I guess this is an Ask Deepak question rather than a comment, and it is answered above, but here it is anyway. When it comes to choices, it boils down to choosing based on logic, emotion, or chance/default. If you don`t chose, circumstances do it for you. Either you choose to act, you choose to do nothing (which is doing something) and remain at war with what is/or allow circumstances to unfold despite the outcome, or you transcend. Presuming transcendence, real transcendence, is not an option for most people, what do you do when logic only presents choices that are emotionally miserable, and emotion cannot accept it or there is no option to satisfy emotion. I know, WITNESS. I`m a very good witness, but witnessing is only as powerful as the bliss and being you already exist in and the amount of distance (transcendence?) I feel/felt in a sort of bifurcated awareness, bliss/being/knowing separate from the pain of "ego". I don`t witness from that separateness anymore. If there`s no bliss and being along with other mindedness, there`s someone living in misery, while another part of the mind watches it go by. Love transcends, until it doesn`t, and then the pain is still there. I`d love to live in bliss and being with the witness, and still live in the world filled with sorrow, but emotion/sorrow & loss don`t let go, or my mind doesn`t rise into it being and bliss. Perhaps a strong meaning and purpose helps, or there`s still wonder at what`s left in the world, but what if that is not an option, and what to live in the moment isn`t all that great. How do you solve that mind twister?

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