March 4, 2021
Ask Deepak

Living without Ego.


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My question is this, Can a person live completely without an EGO? I have been told that everything I do is related to the EGO. From buying gasoline to wearing clothes. If I am to live this way, then (I believe) that I would be dead within 24-48 hours. I hope you can answer my question.


The word ‘ego’ is used quite vaguely, so whether you would die or not without your ego will depend upon how you define the ego. In Sanskrit, the ego is called the ahamkara, and operates as the focal point for personal experience through the mind, feelings and senses whether one is in a physical body or not. So death in itself, is not seen as a release from the ego. To be free of the ego spiritually is called enlightenment and to the Vedic seers it is not seen as the disappearance of the ego as much as it is a shift in selfhood, away from identifying yourself with the objects of experience to knowing your true essence as unbounded pure consciousness. The small ego identity is based upon a misunderstanding of your real nature, the universal ego, or cosmic self is based on knowing your real nature as beyond all thoughts, feelings or external experiences.



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