May 19, 2021
Ask Deepak

Living with Parents.


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I live in a joint family with my wife and my parents. Me and my wife have a good personal relationship however we have a highly strained relationship with each other’s parents. Whenever we start discussing the topic we fight. Our parents (mine and hers) also have a strained relationship. She now wants that both of us should find a different place to live in the same city. Mine is a very close family and the thought is unbearable. Should I consider these thoughts? This might change my relationship with my parents forever.


If you can get your own home, that will make your wife happier and that should make you happier. You married her to start your own life together, so even though you have filial obligations to your parents, your greater obligation is now to your wife. You can still be close and affectionate with your parents, even if you are not living in the same house. Moving out doesn’t have to change your relationship with them, but it should improve your marriage.



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