June 1, 2013

Living With Negative People.


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Hello, I was wondering if you could give my suggestions on how to manage living with negative people while maintaining positivity? They constantly talk negatively about people, situations, their situations, even about how I live my life. I usually just keep to myself and dodge them. But how to deal directly with negative unaware people? (Coworkers, parents, friends, family)


The best approach is to not engage their negativity, but instead focus on the action or work at hand. Keep your focus of attention on constructive activities and don’t pay attention to the negative comments.


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  1. Doug Allen

    First question, why presuppose that another's negativity can have any impact on you, and must be "dealt" with? Why would somebody else's perception affect yours?

  2. Jay B. Lawrence

    Focus on your positivity , tune out the negativity.

  3. Cindy Lou Tache

    Easier said than done, but practice practice practice & we are so often given this opportunity to practice, unfortunate,,, isn't it

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