July 20, 2022
Ask Deepak

Life Purpose.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How to find purpose? I’ve meditated, done the gratitude journaling, and many other practices mentioned by you and other great thought leaders. I’ve felt lost for a very long time, close to 40 years. I really have no clue what my purpose could be. I will follow signs, walk through open doors, take opportunities and they fall completely apart. I get left feeling like a failure, feeling inadequate and worthless. Those are my interpretations of course and I own them but none-the-less I feel it. I’ve tried tapping and affirmations to clear old memes and still here we are. Nothing ever strikes me as “A Calling” I do things just to make a living and even when I feel like something is joyful and inspiring I realize I’ve followed what someone else thinks I should be doing. I just have NO CLUE. I’m very lost and tragically at my rock bottom. I don’t know what else to do.


It good to remember that following your life purpose is simple the outer activity through which we gain self-knowledge. Our dharma is the means through which our consciousness unfolds naturally. For most people there is a set of labels that clarifies these activities- mother, teacher, doctor, musician, etc.… For some like you, there are no simple labels to describe their journey of self-awareness. Your dharma is more like an improvisational dance rather than learning the steps of a waltz. For you, looking for the answer for what you are supposed to do in life will be frustrating and confusing because what you are supposed to be doing does not have a simple answer. Rather it is about learning to creatively respond to your life situation at each moment. Embrace this model of your life purpose and I think you will start to feel more free and relaxed, and the passion for life will emerge from that.



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