February 16, 2022
Ask Deepak

Life Planning.


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Do we plan our lives out ahead of time in complete expanded awareness, then come to live the life out through constricted awareness? I’m having a hard time with this. I’ve read all sorts of things that say before we come to this life we sit around with spirit guides and the spirits with which we’ll share the life with and plan it all out, but the more I think about this the harder time I have with it. For example, if I plan in my life to have children, then the spirits that will become my children must choose to be my children. So is there some sort of Spiritual Want Ads in the Spiritual Realm for spirits? Where does this leave our free will and ability to create? Do we then have a limited scope to create from if our life is planned from the start? This unleashes an entire universe of questions and forgive me for all the asking, but I don’t see anyone else asking these hard questions. If I plan in my life to be killed in a car accident when I’m 43, then it makes no difference what lifestyle I choose. It makes no difference if I smoke, or take dangerous drugs, or participate in dangerous feats such as climbing Mt. Everest or swimming with sharks. Although I may not know it at the time, my death is set. So what good then does it do to have freedom of choice if it Ultimately makes no difference? You also said that once we “wake up” it’s a forever thing that there is no going back to ignorance, so do we plan just one lifetime at a time, or do we plan them all ahead of time at the beginning? It would take complete Expanded Awareness to undertake something as complicated as planning an entire lifetime, and if once we wake up there’s no going back, then we must not be “fully awake” if we are planning lifetimes before we live them because then we live them “not awake”. So then we would have to be fully awake with Fully Expanded Awareness to plan every lifetime at once, and again, the contradiction stands that if we are awake to plan these lifetimes, then how can we “go back” to ignorance? You yourself said there’s no going back. Are you saying then that when we die, we don’t come into full awareness? If we did then we wouldn’t ever need to live another life, because as you said there’s no going back. And you can’t say that pulling the veil of forgetfulness over ourselves and temporarily forgetting our awareness isn’t the same as not knowing, that’s like saying that there’s a difference between learning something new and remembering something that you didn’t remember that you knew. As complicated as it all may seem, the simple timeless classic answers of the spiritual traditions don’t satisfy. I’ve heard that a drop of experience satisfies an ocean of questions, but what good is experience if you don’t know what the hell is going on? Until the next question… thank you.


Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out the nature of how your disembodied awareness operates between births. Suffice it to say that what it “chooses” or “decides” to do in the coming life is quite a different experience or process of choosing and deciding than how we experience choice in our present normal life.

According to the wisdom tradition of India, when one attains full self-realization or enlightenment, then there is no going back to the state of ignorance of the self, and therefore there is no reason to continue reincarnating after the death of the body. But until that level of knowledge is attained, coming back into physicality is the way on spiritually evolves toward enlightenment.

Our personality mind wants to know detailed answers to all these questions, but the limited mind doesn’t have the capacity to grasp reality itself. Direct experience of pure consciousness answers all these questions by giving that experience of reality beyond the mind. Without that, even the most detailed and elaborate explanation of the spiritual realms is meaningless.



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