July 19, 2014

Life as Meditation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I've heard the expression so many times that "your life can become your meditation," but I'm not clear on how this can happen. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this.
Thank you so much.


Living your life as a meditation is an advanced state of awareness where the awakened silence of inner being has become so well established through meditation, that it remains during daily activity and eventually, even during sleep and dreaming. Experientially this means that the thoughts, feelings and actions during the day, arise, develop and reach fulfillment all within your expanded consciousness. Each impulse of the mind and heart becomes a way to expand and deepen the knowledge of your true self.


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  1. heartphone


  2. heartphone

    well, hope you have seen how people of the Netherlands appreciate and honour their death during the past few days, even CNN talks about dignity. We are a country of people knowing how to deal with sorrow, grief and peace as a unity. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi not for nothing lived a long part of his life in my country. But we also know when injustice is done and we will not rest until the ones who did this to us receive their justified punishment. THAT is what I also call enlightenment.

  3. inder kumar

    heartphone : "But we also know when injustice is done and we will not rest until the ones who did this to us receive their justified punishment. " ok. fine. "THAT is what I also call enlightenment." you may call it whatever you want to call - just words. however, there is an inner state called enlightenment - you may call it `X` or `Y` or whatever... in that inner state , people have perfect silence and bliss and their actions happen spontaneously to whom they are witness. those actions may be waging war against injustice (like in mahabharat - a story in indian scriptures). there were many people fighting that war against injustice in mahabharat - not all had the inner state which you may call `X` or `Y` or whatever but which most people call enlightenment. you may choose to be so loose with your language but the point is not everyone fighting against injustice has the inner state of nisargadatta and ramana and not every person with that inner state is waging war against injustice. (jesus did not wage war ; krishna waged war - both were enlightened nonetheless. it is not about outer actions ; it is about inner state.)

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