April 8, 2019

Learning Self-Love.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


As my life improves daily and my feeling of core certainty and well-being strengthens… I find that I still do not materialize certain things in my life because I still do not love and accept myself completely… I am not sure I understand fully… must I put myself before everything and everyone else whatever the consequences??? How EXACTLY do I love myself better???? PRECISE ACTIONS PLEASE!!!… thank you 🙂


Genuine self-love emerges from self-realization. It’s not about putting yourself before everyone else. You can cultivate a degree of self-love by feeling good about actions that you are good at. But that is a superficial level of self-love that can change. If your self-love is based on your very Being, then it is rock solid and permanent.

Meditation is the most effective tool to develop self-awareness and therefore self-love. Along with meditation it will also be important to do shadow work to expose the hidden saboteurs in your psyche. Debbie Ford has written some excellent books on that subject.



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