November 8, 2017

Law of Dharma.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I pulled this dharma information off a website of yours, but don’t really understand it.

Deepak Chopra describes three aspects of the law of dharma. The first is that we’re all here to discover our higher self, to realize that our essential nature is spiritual. Inside each person is a divine being that yearns to come into full expression.

The second part of the law of dharma states that everyone has a unique talent, something they do better than anyone else on the planet We’re here in this life to find out what our own special gift is. One clue that we’ve discovered our dharma is that we lose track of time and experience timeless awareness whenever we’re doing that particular thing. We enter a state of bliss.

Using our unique talent to serve humanity is the third aspect of the law of dharma. When we use our creative expression to meet the needs of other people, we experience true joy and ecstasy. We detach from the fear and struggle of the ego and surrender to the wisdom of our higher self. Living in dharma allows us to enjoy the boundless love of our spiritual essence.


Ok, #1, I get it.  However, #2, is confusing with the part of “A unique talent” better than anyone else?? Is it possible that maybe we all have many talents and we pick one, but it’s not really better than anyone else, only we can do it well?  Like, can there really be one talent that we can do better than anyone else?  I tried poetry, but it’s not better and Arsenio’s is much better than me and yet, this does not appear to be his dharma.  And I tried portraits and after I saw all those art pieces of pictures that looked like real people, I am surely not the best, but at the end.   There are many artists that are great, so maybe that’s their dharma as they are doing their best and it is their own greatness, but it is not unique.  Does this mean that none of us have really found our true dharma?  How can millions of people find one that they are best at, especially if we are all one spirit and parts of the one?  


When you think about your unique talent, it’s not about being the most successful or acclaimed person in your field. We are already unique by virtue of our individual history of experiences and relationships.  What we need to do is investigate how our natural uniqueness allows us to most fully contribute our special piece of the puzzle to the completeness of the universe. Your uniqueness is a given, it’s already there, it’s just a matter of fully owning and activating your potential.

 So if you are an artist, that doesn’t mean you have to be the “best” artist in the world and have your portraits in the National Portrait Gallery to be in your dharma. It means you understand the specialness of who you are, with your background and life experiences, and how that allows you to be the perfect artist  to express your vision and life experiences. That simple self-awareness and exercise of your distinctive abilities in itself constitutes your dharma.

And it doesn’t have to be limited to one field either. If poetry is something you love and have some talent for, then your poetry can be an essential part of your contribution to the world even if it’s not considered world class poetry by the critics or even by your internal critic.



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  1. Denita McDade

    Amazing response! Thank you for clarifying!

  2. Denita McDade

    Amazing response! Thank you for clarifying!

  3. Denita McDade

    Amazing response! Thank you for clarifying!

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