April 21, 2023
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Law of Detachment.


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Dear Deepak, I’ve been reading a lot on the 7 spiritual laws of success, and have a couple of questions regarding the Law of Detachment. How do I detach from my intention on what I desire, when a hard deadline is involved (i.e. making a decision on moving out of state/country or not before my lease expires)? Money is also a factor in this (or my ego is telling me it is), but I know that I must release the attachment to past scarcity. So how do I detach from the “realities” that come into play with somewhat big decisions? Greatly appreciate your guidance


Spiritual detachment is about your consciousness being established in your true self, and not being overwhelmed or lost to the object of experience. It’s not an intellectual or mental exercise of telling yourself that your inner self isn’t affected by circumstances—it has to your actual state of consciousness. This state of non-attachment develops gradually through meditation as the silent center of the self grows stronger and stronger until it is permanently established regardless of what you are thinking or feeling.

Short of living this ideal state of detached awareness, remind yourself when you have hard deadlines or weighty decisions to make, that all you can do is do your best, and your best is enough. You may not have as much information as you would like, or as much time or resources as you would prefer, but if you do the best with what you know and have in the moment, you can release any lingering concerns, doubts, or guilt and let the outcome be whatever it will be.



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