March 2, 2022
Ask Deepak

Lack of Purpose.


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Dearest Deepak sir I have started reading your articles recently. Your thoughts are backed up by reality which all can experience in daily life. Many times I feel that there is lack of purpose in my life as I don’t like to attach myself to goals or people. The circumstances surrounding me too have changed, where I am totally in solitude. I do try to fullfill my responsibilities but am not being able to apply my complete intention and attention on to it. How do I find the missing purpose in my life, even though now am satisfied with what I am as far as the material side of life is concerned?


Finding your guiding purpose in life requires that you go deeply within, past your mundane sense of self with and responsibilities. Your core self has a life design that will guide you and provide a sense of purpose to your life. No one can tell you what that purpose is, you need to dig down deep and experience on your own. Meditation will be your greatest aide in discovering your Self. Find a daily mediation practice and write in a journal every day what your unique gifts and talents are. In a few months you should know what your purpose is and feel good about your contribution to making this a better world.



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