January 6, 2012

Karmic Law.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

The best way to understand and maximize the use of karmic law is to become consciously aware of the choices we make in every moment.

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  1. Vicky Gupta

    Awareness is the key to self mastery.

  2. Langata145

    I really appreciate you bringing up topics which many spiritual leaders don`t get involved in because of their perceptions/understanding/teaching about karma e.g. you align and support the 99% and give public recognition to injustices that the poor especially have been subjected to by bankers. I recognize the law of attraction at work all the time in my life (a shift that exposes me to some darkness and may make me vulnerable.) I have decided to delve into the murder of my dear brother Noel (1976) and look through records and meet with his murderer to seek "new and substantial evidence." I am troubled that his wife was given a two year suspended sentence for conspiring to murder Noel by poisoning him. She denied knowledge of her boyfriend having a gun or plan to shoot my brother in the head and thus was not found guilty of accessory to murder. It almost feels to me like the time when Christ went into the dark underworld before his Resurrection. (I do not intend to underestimate the importance of His mission or equivocate His religious significance with my own.) I have spent many years with great spiritual Masters who may advise to turn the other cheek and avoid the karmic consequences by forgiving etc and transcendence. Three great spiritual leaders come to mind, Gandhi, King and Mandela who did delve into the darkness of racial injustice rather than as I was told by my sister "leaving it up to karma!" I feel a need to seek Justice for my brother and restore of his good character which was destroyed by the defense team. I will put stories and photos/film etc. together on a web site in order for his children and grandchildren to learn the truth about him and the circumstances surrounding his murder. This will be my intention and purpose for which I will devote my time. In spiritual circles I have found a tendency to cloak what makes them feel uncomfortable and risk being politically incorrect as we see so evident in other areas of life. I believe that we need to become involved in order to bring light into areas of darkness such as a murder where others actions have caused suffering.

  3. Sai Ferron

    EVERY moment...the key to this wisdom

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