April 12, 2020
Ask Deepak

Jealous Parents.


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Deepak, I am very familiar with your work on meditation and self-betterment. I admire your desire to help others through meditation – which in turn helps us in other aspects of our lives. Now that I am starting to free myself from my burdens and am living my life how I want to (I am free to do what I want, when I want with my money) I have a new predicament. Think hypothetically – how would you deal with your divorced parents if they both wanted to spend time with you but despised when you spent time with the other?


It sounds like you have reached a good point in your life where you are unburdened and financially secure. But seems as if your elderly parents are regressing emotionally if they are getting upset with you when you spend time with the other. You certainly can’t stop them from their reactions, but you can make it clear to them that the animosity they have between each other is not yours, and you are not going to let their unhappiness about each other control the relationship you have for each of them. Otherwise your parents are just using your relationship with them as a weapon to hurt the other. Let them know that expressing that kind of jealous behavior is not how you want to spend time with them.



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